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Rørforeningens members provide all types of plumbing products  for the Danish plumber and industry.


The main groups, pipes and fittings, heating and sanitation, consists of almost 400.000 products and represents a total turnover of 8 billion kr.


We prepare and administrate vvsnummersystemet  (the plumbing number system), which is published as a printed catalog and electronic catalog . The association is also involved in other initiatives that make more efficient to the industry.


Another important function is  maintaining contact with public authorities and organizations, as well as to represent the industry at meetings in the EU and in international context. Ongoing exchange og experience with similar national associations in Europe.


See the members of Rørforeningen here



Stålforeningen works for better conditions for the members, supplying steel for the Danish trade and industry. Steel in all shapes and dimensions.


We advice members about the new laws and regulations in Denmark and the EU, procures topical reports and analysis on the European steel market capacity, live availability and price forecast.


We invite to the industry’s best conferences in Europe and even arrange Ståltrends conferences, who is highly respected in the industry and brings  together the intire industry every autumn.


See the members of Stålforeningen here



Metalforeningens members provide many kinds of   metals to the Danish trade and industry. Metals in all forms, qualities and dimensions – both as raw materials  and intermediate goods.


Our goal is to promote  unity within the industry and its members interests.


Including the association shall promote the consumption of metals in Denmark by raising awareness of metals, both among members af the association and the members customers.


We also represent the industry at meetings of the EU and in the international context and regularly exchange experiences with similar national metal associations in Europe.


See the members of Metalforeningen here


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