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About Branchehuset


Branchehuset is a common work and interests forum for plumbing, steel and metal industries and thus Secretariat for Rørforeningen, Stålforeningen and Metalforeningen.


We help with product-related, professional, political, educational and promotional relationships both nationally internationally.


As a member of Branchehuset three associations you gain a number of benefits and opportunities, where we can mention:


» Professional events at home and abroad

» Statistics

» Reports and analyzes

» Education in the form of the industry’s student

» Vvskataloget (the plumbing number system)

» Thematic meetings and events

» Consultation by new government rules and directives

» Pro-id




   Islands Brygge 26, 4. 

   DK – 2300 Copenhagen S


   Phone +45 71 99 01 99

   E-mail :










The information on our web site is in Danish but please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further information

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